Friday, May 23, 2008

Class# 156; AYC DC Mysore Class # 10: Question 2

My main doppelganger, in my various practices from Baptiste to Jivamukti to Acro and now Ashtanga are the transitions through seated to standing or vice versa. In an effort to gain knowledge, I have always scoured the internet and literature and practiced... Then, if through my own attempts or research I'm still not satisfied I'll go to a higher authority.

So, at 10:15 Email to Teacher:
I have a quick question for you regarding transitions - any and all during the series. What am I missing? Is it a question strength? attempting to engage mula bhanda more than I have been? or some combination thereof that I haven't I haven't quite found yet?

90 Minutes Later, I receive a response:
What you are missing is patience!

To be honest, deep down I knew this - was I able to admit this to myself? No.
There are somethings that are only truly heard and comprehended when coming from a teacher.

This was certainly one of them.

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