Monday, January 21, 2008

Mantra Monday: Finding Balance, Living Your Dreams

I am back to working on my craft, back to working on jewelry.
I've already attended two classes, both being close to sheer anarchy.
But should I expect anything less from an artist and craftsman?

In this two week period I've thrown myself back into the deep end, pulling out a design I began to work on in 2004. A bit of an involved piece (understatement), involving anticlastic raising (a technique I've never practiced before), but I figure I have six classes to complete it, so there should be no problem. This long weekend, I had a grand plan of spending time with the members of Bauhaus who were in town, and going to yoga, and getting my template drafted.

Sometime Saturday afternoon sitting in the Verizon Center between the overpirced pretzels, beer, and watching Georgetown decimate Notre Dame, I realized that I was just being crazy. There was no way to do all of those things. If I did spend my time drafting or at yoga, I would have missed out - missed the joy and warmth of these friendships and seeing those friends I haven't seen in a long time. Also, learning where everyone is and where they currently see themselves going. One of the great things about reconnecting with old friends is that we are given the oppertunity to share our dreams and allow our friends to help make these dreams a reality.

There's only so much time in the day and sometimes I feel as though I'm making up for lost time, maybe I try to put to much into my day and forget to savor the moments.

We all do this.

Sitting at Steak & Eggs with a couple members of Bauhaus, sopping up the last of the faux-maple syrup with their buttery pancakes this morning, I truly remembered the importance of balancing things that we feel are important, those things that truly are important, and those individuals who help propel our dreams.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mantra Monday: 2008 is going to Rock!

With the close of the year and the start of a new one, at least in my world, everything tends to spin slightly out of control while moving at warp speed. Trying to get that last minute whatever, accomplished. Me? I was baking my white chocolate blueberry bread pudding for a pot luck dinner on New Years Eve while getting ready for a party immediately after. Not to mention shopping for an outfit to be worn to said party earlier that same day. I had some delusions of taking a nap in that afternoon. Ha!

I'm starting to believe that years run logarithmically. (Or is algorithmically?) Anyways, speeding up right until the end. Then...

Midnight strikes and it's a brand new year.

On the stroke of midnight, just as Cinderella turning into a pumpkin, we pass and instate resolutions to change. Work out more, eat better, go to bed at a decent hour, stop eating an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies during the course of a work day, etc.

Instead of passing resolutions on my life, I take some time to time to set my intentions for the year. I sit and think about those people and activities that are important to me - trying to make my day as much of a microcosm of what I want my year to be as possible. I reflect on my accomplishments from the previous year (compiled over the course of the previous week). I write down my 2, 5, and 10 year goals and then look at the goals I wrote down in previous years to see where I've been but more importantly to get a better idea of my current surroundings.

At the beginning of yoga practice, we set our intentions, something that is internally said to help move us in the direction of what we need and where we should be going. Take some time to set an intention for your year. Maybe write it down? When things become overbearing and not looking so hot, remember your intention. Repeat it to yourself to help gain your bearings again, to remember the path that you're on.

If the first week of 2008 is any indication of this coming year,
It is really going to rock n' roll!

A Belated Yet Very Happy New Year To All!