Monday, April 12, 2010


Then to return to perpetual motion.


Allison said...

Have you seen any Andrew Goldsworthy art? I'll have to show you my book. He does amazing land art. Evidently you do too!

Richard said...

Funny--Andrew Goldsworthy is exactly who I thought of. Watch the documentary Rivers and Tides, which you can get on Netflix. Beautiful stuff.

Allison said...

Another Goldsworthy fan! Yes, I saw that documentary. I also saw his installation on the MOMA in New York, but that was a little disappointing - I think his works belong in nature and attempts to extract them don't work so well.

Richard said...

If you like Goldsworthy, sometime you should visit the work of his artistic ancestors on the Dingle peninsula in western Ireland. The Gallarus Oratory, the Dunbeg fort, the beehive huts--all those dry-laid stone structures will knock your socks off. The landscape's not bad either.

Portside said...

Thanks Allison!
Didn't really see the Goldsworthy connection at first. But now that you mention can definitely see glimpses of that. Your comments also reminded me that a couple of my Art/Architecture profs made similar comments back in college about other projects.

@ Richard - I'll definitely check out Rivers and Tides. I haven't seen any of his work in person but have always enjoyed books with images of his work.

If the the Gallarus Oratory, the Dunbeg fort, the beehive huts are anything like the landscape out in the's amazing what can be done to the landscape when built upon with sensitivity, building from the foundations. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I've always been drawn to Architecture/Art and to Ashtanga and Iyengar yogas.