Wednesday, April 21, 2010

589/312: Contorture.


Two sides of the coin. Same practice.


Arturo said...

hi Portside
i love your dissections of yoga to their basic simplicity. now why is the person in the diagram doing asssisted dropback while standing on a raised platform?

Portside said...

Hi Arturo!

Glad you enjoy my dissections! For the architect in me, it helps me process my practice by drawing it out. I find if I can figure out the line gesture, I can start to internalize it.

Well, my teacher was inspired by a YouTube clip and got it in his head that I could drop and stand from the bench (effectively dropping/standing from 6" below floor level). Me? I was up for a little bit of an adventure.



Allison said...

What's the pose in the first sketch?


Portside said...

Theoretically. Lolasana being the first moments of a jumpback. You will note the butt is still firmly attached to the ground.