Friday, June 6, 2008

On the Mend.

At 5:15am on Monday I woke up in a galaxy far, far, away from bright eyed and bushy tailed. I rolled over in bed and had an absolutely wonderful two and a half hour Sleepasana practice. A dentist appointment at 9:00 am (no cavities!!! And, for those keeping count, yes I am now regularly flossing) and promptly drove myself into work. Work cruises along and then... *WHAM*...4:30 hit like a train with 7 Pro Hac Vice motions to file and 4 pieces of correspondence to get out the door.

I end up having to shuffle evening plans around, but I'm happy that I drove in so I can take Rock Creek Parkway back to my apartment and avoid the Metro. In a mirror of the end of my work day, I'm just cruising along, groovin' to some Durga Das, and then *WHAM* pothole! In a choice between a pothole and a biker, I'll take the pothole. I perform a quick status check, everything still seems in tact. Until I park and get out of my car. Yep, a good size chunk was taken out of the sidewall of my tire.

"Oh, well. That's why it pays belong to the Club..." I continue to sing the AAA jingle as I drag myself up to my apartment and call the Mathematician and the Artist to complain about my day. I had absolutely no motivation to write my Mantra Monday, let alone cook dinner. I did manage to pull a pretty decent dinner around the few odds and ends lying about my pantry and fridge.

As I settled in to watch a fun movie (i.e. nothing inde or that involves thinking - eliminating a good 2/3 of my movies) I realized that Tuesday was a Moonday!!! In Ashtanga, practitioners get full and new moon days as days of rest - I liken them to preplanned mental/physical-health days. Sweet. I go to bed with the knowledge that I can wake, get in a solid meditation practice and begin some sketching before work!

Alas. It was not to be. I woke around 2:30 am with what can best be described as a severe case of Delhi Belly. or Montezuma's Revenge. BUT I'm in DC! How did I get a seat in the Porcelain Caucus?

Tuesday was spent nursing a 101 degree fever, sleeping, and drinking pressed apple juice all between convening sessions. By bedtime (which I hadn't really got out of bed all day, so the time frame is nebulous), I was feeling better. I figured one more day off from practice, will do my body good, I'll go back Thursday morning.

I make it to work on Wednesday, check my calendar and I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning. Ok, I think, it's alright, I'll go back to practice on Friday morning. One more day, it will be good for me.

This morning, did I make it to AYC?
No. But my neighbor did begin hanging prints in their bedroom around 12:30am this morning.
I did, at least, wake at 6:15 unprompted, did some Sun-As and Sun-Bs.

Boy. Tomorrow morning's asana practice is going to feel so good... that I-really-haven't-done-a-full-on-practice-in-five-days good way.


Arturo said...

ha! I need to remember your version of savasana, sleepasana.
cheers, arturo

Anonymous said...

Arturo, I can't take total credit for the asana. I'm pretty sure I learned of it from Cody's blog - certainly not in any of the books, but an amazing asana. ;)