Saturday, June 21, 2008

Class# 174; AYC DC Mysore Class # 28: Savor.

It was one of those weeks, AGAIN.
My Monday began with some crazy allergic reaction puffing my eyes pretty much shut and treated with what could best be described as a Benedryl induced coma. I finally recovered enough to go to practice on Wednesday morning, but it was a moon day!

Practice on Thursday and Friday morning, it felt as though each remaining drop of Benedryl was being plucked out of my system drop by drop with needle nose pliers. Work was crazy busy - I don't know if it's the weather, but everything seems to be coming to a head at the same time. In my experience, during the summer work slows to the pace of New Hampshire maple syrup in late November in law - it has been more like ice cream outside on a DC midsummer

At work yesterday I had the oppertunity to meet the client of one of my attorneys, reviewing media and audio footage related to his case. While normally I would jump at the chance to watch and compile media, I must say that some of the images and audio really hit me hard.

Finally I left work, and getting to the Metro I realized that I left my wallet at my desk. Then the battery on my iPod died - not that I could find any music in it's ginormous library that I could tolerate for more than 10 seconds. After 5 minutes arduous contemplation, I just decided to just go home, it was 7:30 in the evening. It could wait. When I returned to my apartment, I was in no mood for anything, I just wanted to curl up on my couch in a blanket with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. As I came to my apartment there was a package notice wedged in my door. I wasn't expecting anything, probably just some overflow. Curled up on my couch, with a cup of tea, (no Half Baked in the freezer, grrrrr) I was in a staring contest with the notice on my table. It was winning. I gave into its taunting. I reassembled myself and trudged heavily to the front desk to pick it up.

It was a package from Lady Apollo.
I opened it and smiled.
My first honest smile this week.

An unexpected and simple gesture of love, warmth, and friendship.

Practice this morning felt light and as though something had been lifted. Instead of loudly and sloppily plopping back during my SunSals I actually floated back landing quietly and with strength. I wasn't in a rush and savored each pose, deepening my twists, and opening with every backbend.

Every day is a new day and oppertunity to live. To observe and learn from the past, knowing that wounds heal and opportunities present themselves with patience, hard work, and time. Each day is really separate and independent from the one before and the next.

Most importantly, each day is best savored.*

* Although, sometimes, it does require a side of Half Baked...

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