Monday, June 23, 2008

Mantra Monday: Sometimes You Just Have to Start From Scratch - and Begin Again.

The Mathematician and the Artist were shocked to discover that I don't have a toaster and use my oven when I see fit to have semi-toasted/warmed bread. With great alacrity, the Mathematician corrected this abhorrence and tomorrow I will be receiving a brandy dandy new to me KitchenAid toaster (to go along with all of the other kitchen gadgets I somehow accumulated). I rushed home from work as languidly as WMATA could possibly transport me.

Barreling though the door, quickly changed from my work clothes into (what else) yoga pants and a t-shirt ready to get baking. I pulled out my bread machine and began to pull together the ingredients for my honey-oat wheat bread. I only had 1.5 cups of wheat flour. No problem I could cut it with white bread flour, it wouldn't be the same, but it would be passable. THEN, just as the machine moved to the rising phase of production I momentarily lost power in my apartment.

Not more than 45 seconds.

The lights came back on and the sounds of XM's Ethel station filled my kitchen. And there was a lone beep from my bread machine, asking me if I was ready to start making bread. Yeah.

I lost a loaf of bread (and dropped the gooey mass of flour, honey, oats and gluten on my kitchen floor).

So, tomorrow I'll be making another loaf of bread, starting over - maybe trying my hand at some amaranth bread.

Kinda like this painting I began in in August 2004. I spent one afternoon sketching the structure and one afternoon painting what I would call the base. Have I touched it since? Nope. It has, however, moved to three different apartments since then. Looking at it, it really wasn't that bad. I just lost the idea somewhere along the line and can no longer connect with that original vision (nor can I find my notes and sketches).

Life gives this wonderful oppertunity to start fresh, whether it be a new day, a loaf of bread, or a painting - there has to be a willingness to accept and embrace that potential.

So tomorrow, I begin again.

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