Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flights of Fancy

I walked around the office yesterday with a little smile knowing that, like all the best superheros, I too have a secret identity that few know about or understand within my corporate environs.

[I also had forgotten how awesome it is to fly.]


Arturo said...


Mysticiris said...

Most impressive!

Grimmly said...

amused by the pigtails in the eye re the first pic. I'd have dropped you for sure. Always seems to be the guy at the bottom, hardly seems fair, i wanna fly.

Portside said...

@ Arturo - It totally is!

@ Mysticiris - Thanks! & Welcome!

@ Gimmly - Hahaha. I actually hadn't noticed that. Bases are always such a good sports - trust me there was some toppling over the course of the afternoon (have the bruises to prove it). But I think you'd be fab at Acro!

Anonymous said...