Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fall from Grace

10 days.
No weight bearing poses - certainly no upside down trees or balancing or dogs. Standing poses and forward bends and hip openers for me.

Lots of ice - at least DC has plenty of that.


The Mathematician said...

Nice accessory. Does it come in any other color?

Portside said...

The nice folk in the ER last night didn't mention any other color options. However, I think the taupe and ivory of the wrap with the basic black splint makes for a stunning accessory, easily coordinated with casual and business wear.

The Mathematician said...

What shoes would you suggest? Heels? Pumps? Flats?

Portside said...

Well, my first thought would be my 20 eyelet Dr. Martens - work the hard core image. But that seems almost too obvious.

I noticed the delicate red threading at the edge of the wrap - so my top contender currently is the pair of red suede 3.75" Stewart Weitzmans. A little unexpected, but the color really would really tie everything together.

Arturo said...

hi Portside
sorry about this. it looks like you're looking at the funny side of things. is this a result of repetitive stress syndrome or of a fall on the ice?

Portside said...


I was working on handstand Thursday night and started to fall out of it, ultimately landing on my left hand. Nothing broken - just badly sprained.

There's no reason to fight it, that won't change anything. So might as well find a silver lining.

Plus the look on the ER nurse's face when he asked how I hurt my hand was almost worth the price of admission. Note, *almost*.



Allison said...

It's not exactly the weather for suede out. Patent is both elegant and weather resistant.

I can't believe this was a handstanding injury! Don't tell Anne!

Portside said...

OOOO. Good call on the patent. I have some very nice deep red/maroon patent Calvin Klein high heeled loafers.

I know and I'm normally so good at falling. I'll do my best to keep it from Anne.

Anonymous said...

I recall that you're left-handed. Does it hurt when you try to write or draw?

Portside said...

Writing, typing, drawing, cooking, brushing my teeth, etc - certainly all have a new level of challenge. Tv/movie watching is quite easy.

I snuck the splint off for a short bit at work to type up a long document and was reprimanded by one of my attorneys.