Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1: Breaking Down the Ego; Day 2: Exercises in Creativity and Play.

Talk about humility. I didn't realize how much much weight we ask our hands to bear during any practice.

Just look at the primary sequence alone - from balances to binds.

Sunday's winged practice limped along as I half-heartedly muddled my way in and around primary, half distracted by fresh cranberry dark chocolate puddle cookies and general frustration that I don't have my regular practice right now. I've been good - keeping my splint on so I don't use the hand at all.

The better part of the day was spent avoiding my mat, avoiding practice, until I pulled out my practice journal and my copy of Ramaswarmi's Vinyasa Yoga during lunch. Flipping though both I started to see ways I could modify my practice - down dog over the back of a folding chair pressing the forearms into the seat, etc as part of the integration sequence. Spent the majority of the practice exploring forward bends and Ramaswami's triangle sequence with long holds.

If I had to pick the coolest thing from practice today, urdhva chaturanga dhandasana. Just one of those things, no reason not to try right?

Think I've certainly found something to continue to work with - the floor forces the correct pelvic alignment, shoulder and forearm alignment, and extending through the balls of the feet pressing against a wall seems to get deep into my core.

It was actually quite liberating not to be bound by a set sequence or counts.
To sit with a pose, to allow the body to dictate what it needs.
Practice without expectation.

To dance instead of fight.


Grimmly said...

Glad your finding a way to practice, can be a good thing no, focussing on those poses we tend to take for granted or don't consider. I was so glad I'd come across Ramaswami's book before I had trouble with my knee a while ago. I'd had this fear of what the hell I would do if I injured myself and couldn't practice Ashtanga. That book made me realize it wouldn't be the end of the world and in the end seduced me altogether.
Hope it heals up soon though, have you tried the Caster oil wrap thing?

Portside said...

Funny when things like that happen - have a feeling something like that is generally happening in my practice.

Hadn't thought of a castor oil wrap. Might give that a go after I practice tonight. Thanks for the reminder! :)