Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 4: Not Soooo Grumbly Wednesday Night.

Actually, a quite successful practice, if I do say so myself (also, having a package from to open after practicing definitely helped keep me on track). One thing I realized, just how much truly goes into sequencing. Having gone into practice without a real plan seems to have worked decently, looking at it this morning typed out, it looks to be a hodgepodge of Iyengar classes more than anything else.

(sequence segments are blocked together and as always, if asymmetrical pose, right leg leads, left leg follows, repeated second side)

belly bolster

back bolster

trikonasana - back flush to wall, pelvis curved in, forearm of bottom arm to thigh, front femur rotated into hip socket, line of torso as straight as possible

parivritta trikonasana - face wall, revolve triangle, pelvis level, top shoulder flush to wall using core to pull up

prasarita padottanasana - back against wall, pulling back of pelvis up to wall, torso through legs, arms through legs

trikonasana - free from wall

parivritta trikonasana - free from wall

virabhadrasana I - lengthening back leg straight from socket, squaring pelvis, torso straight up from pelvis

virabhadrasana III - lengthening in opposite directions from lifted foot to upper chest (too my stress on hand extended)



virabhrasana II
utthita parsvakonasana

virabhadrasana II

utthita parsvakonasana

ardha chandrasana - lifted foot on wall, bottom arm lifted from ground by torso


- extending arms out over leg

ado mukha svanasana - over the back of a chair

urdhva chaturanga



eka pada virasana - to supta

virasana - to supta - to bolstering shins to drop pelvis "below floor level"

triang mukha eka pada pascimottanasa

janu sirsasana c, b, a - legs and forward fold, no binds

baddhakonasana - sit bones bolstered to ease adductors and gracilii muscles


bhujangasana - look ma! no hands!

salambasana a
dwi pada viparita dandasana - supported through folding chair

viparita karani


And such a good sleep into this morning and off to the osteopath in just a few minutes.

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