Monday, March 2, 2009

Mantra Monday: Just go with the flow.

Life has been a bit on the busy side - painting with broad strokes, juggling work, practice, a creative artistic outlet, and a burgeoning social life. To be honest, I'm not surprised that things continue to go well. I would venture that even with today's snowfall, things are flourishing.

Amazing what happens with a little radical self-acceptance and when you hit a point of flow.

Hi. My name is Portside.

I had an inversion aversion. I had a fear of breaking the rules. I would over analyze things. I might have even forgotten how to play.



Sasso! said...

Yay!! More yoga cartoons!! I love when you do these...but I'm puzzled by the 3 at the end of the top line...

So glad you conquered your aversion!!

And I'm looking forward to a further report on the "burgeoning".


Anonymous said...


The 3? My shorthand (using sheet music notation) for repeat three times.


In F&S,


annabella said...

I love this post. I once had an inversion aversion too. I was so scared! Isn't it freeing to realize that it's all play, and it's okay to fall?

So happy to hear about the goodness in your life! Rock on.


Nairam said...

:) I also love the cartoons!! And good to hear that everything else is good, too ;)

Anonymous said...

Anna & Nairam

Thank you both :)

Nuit said...

Realy! These comics are gorgeous!