Friday, March 6, 2009

Class# 332; Iyengar I/II #6

So. You know how standing and dropping back was a big issue?

One would generally think Iyengar yoga is supposed to be "sweet" and "gentle," largely therapeutic? Last night in my Iyengar class, Spirited C introduced me to what I currently call the Iyengar torture vinyasa of setu bandha sarvangasana to salamba sarvangasana.

I can achieve salamaba sarvangasana to setu bandha sarvangasana with only a slight lack of grace. Again, going up seems to be a problem.

Back to the mat, or drawing board, as it were...


CoffeeShop Girl said...

My favorite yoga cartoon yet! If it makes you feel better, I pretty much struggle with ALL yoga poses! ;)

Anonymous said...

CSG - You had a strong practice before! Given the amount you've been able to practice of late it's just a matter of getting back to it! :)