Thursday, September 25, 2008

So I Went a Bit Internal Again.

It happens.

I experienced a bit of, what could best be described as, an existential crisis of sorts. Incurred by the theme for a joint 30th birthday party that I'll be attending in NYC this weekend - come as yourself in 10 years. That coupled with the meme, my 29th birthday
* and a airline credit that needed to be booked by today, really got me thinking; from my writing for this blog, to my practice, to my pursuits, to what is really important in my life, who I am and who I'd like to be.

I feel a bit like I'm standing on the edge of opportunity and time.
I quite like it.

Talking with the SecondBeatle about my costume, he asked me what I didn't want to be and then think of what the antithesis of that would be. What I don't want to be is sitting in front of a computer mucking through receipts and expense reports, well heeled and dressed in a tailored suit and silk blouse. The antithesis I immediately envisioned involved bare feet, t-shirt and jeans, a drafting dot stuck here and there, IndiaInk stained and sobo glued hands and a yurt.

I'm quite alright with my antithesis, save for the yurt.
I like indoor plumbing and my 600 thread count sheets too much.

To get anywhere, takes a lot of practice alongside patience,
discipline and crazily enough, having some fun along the way. A bit like an asana practice really. That all being said, today and this coming weekend, most certainly are not the time for "sensible" shoes...

...and maybe indulgence in a maple spice cupcake from B&W.

* Today. 2:09 pm - although the "official" paperwork says 2:11. I consider 29 still to be young - looming on old - but in my mind old is a looooooong way away. Maybe in another 90 years? Then I'll certainly be closer to old.


Emily said...

you like cupcakes??? we can probably do something about that up here :)

Anonymous said...

Not at all. ;) Of course Emily! The sweet succulent nature of the entity of a cupcake sets this gal's heart aflutter...Sounds wonderful.

And I managed to ONLY pack a single pair of shoes (not including the ones on my feet) for this weekend. Your apartment is safe from the onslaught.

Nairam said...

Hi hi, I think I know what you mean. I think it is lovely to know that you just have so many great options waiting in front of you...

annabella said...

I am so sad that I didn't get to go to B&W when I was in DC! Happy belated birthday and hope that you had fun in my home town!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy did i have fun - maybe a little too much fun! ;) I did head you made it to Hello Cupcake, next time you head down here, let me know and I'll snag a couple cupcakes for you from B&W and bring them to the shala. :)

annabella said...

Ah, who was it that said "too much of a good thing is wonderful?" I think Mae West.

Cupcakes at the shala would be awesome! I'll definitely let you know. Hopefully November-Decemberish.

Have a great day!