Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meme: I'm It.

Over a year of blogging and I have finally been tagged by a member of Bauhaus! She who wears fabulous shoes (and liturgically correct ones at that) while in her Sunday best.

3 Joys:
  1. Lingering in conversation over a meal with my parents and/or friends.
  2. Driving solo through the back roads or coastal roads of New England, windows rolled down and the heat on high during a crisp late fall night.
  3. Tomato soup and homemade baked mac & cheese on a rainy day.

3 Fears:

  1. That something will happen to my parents and I will not be around/able to help them.
  2. Not waking if I have an asthma attack while sleeping at night.
  3. Cicadas and grasshoppers.

3 Obsessions/Collections:

  1. Yoga
  2. Shoes
  3. 1st Edition Books

3 Surprising facts:

  1. While in the Boston area I worked for a rare/used/first edition book seller and know something about book repair and binding.
  2. I have over 15 pairs of argyle socks.
  3. For Christmas one year, the Mathematician and the Artist gave me a beautiful set of African blackwood bagpipes.
* * *

In filling this out I got to thinking about how drastically these have changed for me over the last couple years - and how quickly the answers can change. I noticed it was hard for me to limit joys and obsessions/collections - do I go with my top 3? or do i pick the most interesting? I compromised between these two. Would it be cheating if I mentioned that reading a good children's book, watching cartoons, and art were top contenders for joys?

As for my fears and surprising facts, I had to really think about them. On the part of fear, because as a means to escape/survive our fears, our minds have been conditioned to rationalize them away or avoid them. Once I opened up to these three a host more flooded in. Upon reflection and unlike joys, the greater number seemed fairly selfish. On the part of surprising facts, I try to bring as much transparency to all of my relationships as possible, even within the "anonymity" of this blog - so I assume that most people know everything there is to know about me. Which is probably far from reality of the situation.

* * *

And so, I tag: Fluellen, LegalMama, and Nairam


alfia said...

Very interesting!

Can we really know somebody in reality? I do not think we know ourselves all that well. Answering questions like these helps a little, I think.

Happy Friday, Portside!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we can know ourselves, actually. Just a couple of days ago I was philosophizing with a very good friend, and noted that just the fact that we try to know more about ourselves changes us. By the time we think we are done, we have a whole lot more to investigate about who we are :)

Lee Istrail said...

I agree with nairamsroads that "just the fact that we try to know more about ourselves changes us." It's Heisenberg's uncertainty principle; if you flash a light beam (which is a particle and a wave) to try to measure the path of a particle, you change that path. Introspection changes direction.