Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Class# 278; AYC DC Mysore Class # 120: Eureka!

After fighting bronchitis and all of the stresses and commitments during the past couple months and not being able speculate the idea of standing (in earnest) from Urdhva Dhanurasana for well over 4 months now. After stopping at Supta Kurmasana today (even though I practice through Urdhva Muka Paschimottanasana) I went into backbends.

TYH. Total. Yoga. High.


Anonymous said...


cranky housefrau said...


Nairam said...

This is great!! --To see you blinking and standing, the great little comic, and to read you again ;)

The Mathematician said...

GREAT drawing . . . you've expressed in one drawing how many of us have felt at one time or another.

joy suzanne said...

Fantastic, funny, creative post. Thanks, it really made me smile!

Arturo said...

hi Portside
that is a lovely drawing. i'm really trying to get there, after several years at it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all!

Arturo it will come. I cannot begin describe how helpful your posts about your process of standing were to me!



LI Ashtangini said...

I love your doodle.