Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class# 402; AYC DC Mysore Class # 215: Squish.

Most awesome adjustment ever in bhekasana this morning.

As I pulled myself into
bhekasana and noticed D walking over I thought he was going to do his standard bhekasana adjustment - which I have yet to figure out how one does with only two arms. However, generally, things seem to kinda fall into proper place but I've really never quite found it comfortable. At. All.

But, no! This morning my frog was quite literally squished into place as I had a long and velvety exhale, D sat directly on my addcutor magnus muscles (what C calls the "thigh butt") and ever so gently lifted my shoulders. Heels straight down to the floor and deep backbend running the length of my spine.

Absolute pure heaven.

Now just to figure out how to get that exhale into the thigh butt on a regular basis.

Realized like everything, it is more a matter of breath than flexibility or strength at this point. Both of those come from the breath.

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alfia said...

Oh, this breath thing. D. nearly yelled at me this Sunday that I was out of breath. "You are not breathing!!!!". Ugh.