Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Class# 388; AYC DC Mysore Class # 203: Question 6.

How'd I'd get there?!

Finished primary and realized all of a sudden that D was assisting my bind on the first side of pasasana. I had intended to stop at primary as my last practice was Saturday and had a really late night Monday night. Why did I do second through
bhekasana? How did I get there? Oh well.

After bhekasana, played with urdhva dhanurasana and drop backs and D brought me straight into chakra bandasana - no quick trip to the floor and walk in - right to the lower calves, just above the ankles. Let me tell you, I was quite surprised to find myself there.

I am about ready to head back to bed.

* * *

I'm finding that I have the hip flexor flexibility with bheakasana - just really lacking the flexibility in the upper part of my sternum and the front of my shoulders to really lift the chest. Salabhasana a/b don't nearly feel that tight in that area. I'm pretty sure my difficulty with bhekasana is not stemming from the lack of length in my arms.

Any thoughts on opening in the upper part of the chest and into the front of the shoulders?


Anonymous said...

Stop thinking... just do. :-D Your postures are fine, great even. Just enjoy the practice you have.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon. You're right and I know this - just do. Thank you for snapping a little sense into me.

"Do your practice..." Right?

Anonymous said...

It was already there, you snapped it in to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I know!! That was the aggravating bit this morning...made sense to blame the framework and not the mind.

It felt so good when I just snapped into it a couple Sundays ago...

susananda said...

Bhekasana's just really hard without an assist...