Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We don't realize, do we?

I had lunch today with a friend and former co-worker of mine, whose teenage son played paintball with Parson. She said that last night they were hanging out, watching TV, and he looked up at her from the floor of the den and asked how to spell Parson's last name.

She responded and asked why he wanted to know.

His response?

You'll see when I'm 18.

* * *

I'm not just referencing Parson here.
It's each and every one of us. Every person we've met, interacted with, in any capacity.

I would venture none of us can truly fathom the importance of our distinct roles.


Elizabeth said...

Very true, Portside, very true. Although I admit I don't understand the teenager's response.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's planning on getting a tattoo or something like that. Or maybe right now he just thinks that in a couple years he'll do that. Who knows really - but him. At least those are my thoughts.

The Mathematician said...

If he's planning on getting a tattoo or something like that, I'm sure it would make Parson's day.