Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Year Markers; The First of Two

We celebrate anniversaries as the passage of time, a way to mark milestones. I'm celebrating with friends and two yoga sessions, to honor Life and the changes that it brings.

As the years pass, we keep mementos and photographs to remember those special moments and hold loved ones close in our hearts. As I look back over my life, this last year and these last 8 months, a lot of who I am and have become is begotten of Parson's Fifth and The Cru. In my short yoga practice, I've realized that I have had many experiences that I never would have had and tried things that I never would have considered. Ultimately, I would have never grown in the ways I have over these last 8 months, wearing shoes I would have never expected to.

One event doesn't wholly define a person or community, it is the response to that event that defines them.

Through Loves and Friendships, we give each other the chance to become stronger and learn more about each other than we would have been content to know, to delve deeper, and gain a better understanding of ourselves. Simply, together we embrace Life - both the joys and the sorrows.

The people who come into our lives come in at the time they do for a reason, helping us realize our potential and then some. They come in their own way and they exit in their own time and fashion. However, we step forward sometimes alone, sometimes alongside another, and sometimes surrounded and propped up by others.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes people come into your life who you really really like but then they go take a new job and leave your life dimmer, less lustrous than it was before.

I admire your positive spin. Wish I could learn it and learn it fast because I'm drowning in loss. My two oldest boys went back to college this week and the emptiness consumes me. Why I'm telling you this I have no idea. You sound fab and that makes me very happy. SHB