Friday, July 27, 2007

Class #2: Intentions.

I woke up this morning in a haze, feeling off balance.

My morning rituals were all the same, nothing different, but even they felt off.

Having pulled my left middle quad during softball last night, I decided to wear my flip-flops into work. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I almost always wear my work shoes on my walk and commute into work. You could say that when I do this, I’m setting my intention for my work day.

I hobbled out of my apartment and headed down CT Ave to the metro. Half way there, I realized I left my inhaler in my kitchen. So, back I went, set my water bottle on the counter and placed my inhaler in my purse. Walk to the door head back on my way to work. I was having difficulty carrying, my gym bag, purse, and yoga mat – things I have carried together before with no difficulty. I must have been quite a sight heading down the street.

I ran into Bauhaus and my thoughts were confirmed - I was off balance, I truly was flipping and flopping.

Work was a flurry pulling together documents in prep for this afternoon. I felt like I was wheeling and teetering on the precipice, still having difficulty finding my balance. I panicked as I realized I left my water bottle sitting on the counter. I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t go.” No, I had set my intention to go. I was going.

On my way over to the studio I began to think about my intention for my practice today, consciously attempting to slow my mind. As I tripped up on the curb and strained my quad a little more, I found my intention:

Center and listen to your body. Don't go further than your body wants to go. Push the edge a little, but listen to your body.

The "power hour" passed in what seemed like minutes. The phrase, be here now is so true. The only time I became cognizant of the external was the one time I didn't listen to my body and rushed into a pose. The teacher spoke to the class, "If you're in wheel, start to walk your hands and feet closer together..." I thought to myself, "Heh, I can do that. No prob..."*crash* Think running down the cobblestone streets of Boston in leather soled high heels crash and burn. *ouch*

I broke my concentration and was listening more to the teacher than myself, not listening to where my body wanted to be.

That was on the 3d of 4 Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose. For the remainder of that pose, I slipped into Bridge. There was one more repetition to go. On that 4th and final wheel pose (!!!!) all I can say is watch out US Olympic Gymnastics Team! Okay, maybe I'm slightly over selling myself - but for that final wheel, I pushed my hips up on high and I managed to walk my feet and hands much closer together than I was ever able to.

I went back to work more centered and focused. If you're curious, on my commute home, I carried my purse, gym bag, and yoga mat with great ease - wearing my Charles David pumps.

Coincidentally, the shoe style is called "Joyous."

Today’s lessons are as follows:

  1. If you let your body guide you, and follow your intuitions, 99% of the time you’ll make the right decision and you’ll surprise yourself.
  2. Don’t let the external sway you from your path or decision, there’s great strength and flexibility from defining events and not letting them define you.

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