Thursday, December 9, 2010


Monday this week I made my triuphant return to AYC.
Primary felt great - deep twists, forward folds, and smooth back bends.

The plan, move all asana back to Ashtanga. How I've missed it. Approach the practice with honesty and humility, only practicing primary until I could hold urdhva dandasana with some fidelity.

Monday night continued waking to take asthma meds and I haven't gotten a full nights sleep since. At work until 9pm last night, still waking a couple times for meds, breathing still sounds like an accordion and my cough and congestion is getting deeper, but still really not productive. 

Why am I thwarted at every attempted return?


Richard said...

Phooey. I hope the breathing improves, hope to see you back at AYC soon.
Take good care--

Portside said...

Thanks Richard. Slowly on the mend and hope to be back soon...

Marshall Lynch said...

you're so flexible and fit.
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