Friday, August 29, 2008

Off the Grid.

One of the best ways to remove a splinter from your fingertip is to coat your hand in vaseline and cover it with a white cotton sock overnight. In the morning the splinter will have either worked itself out or can easily be coaxed out.

So I'm off to RI for the weekend - catching a cab at 4:30am tomorrow morning to Regan National. (Yay for e-savers)

Currently I'm planning on catching up with Bro, Fluellen, Lady Apollo, and of course the Mathematician and the Artist. Maybe catch a class at SPY and make it to Ashtanga Yoga RI for a led class Monday morning.

I've been off the grid for a bit - floating on the waves of emotion. Trying to figure out how to navigate these paths, I was reminded by Tova, a wonderful shalamate of mine (who knows the value of a luscious cupcake), that one of the things this practice does is to bring up emotion.

On a daily basis we work to honestly face ourselves. Processing our fears and desires - allowing it all to work its way to the surface - trying to find some balance and flow among everything going on in life.


Anonymous said...

The best of the times for you in RI, and with all the waves, in and out...!

Anonymous said...

Thank you N.
It it always nice to come home.

alfia said...

Hi, Portside!
Interesting tip about a splinter. Thank you!
I hope you had a great trip! Any impressions you want to share?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alfia. :)

You're welcome for the tip - learned that one from a guy in the model shop of my first job out of college.

And it's always a good trip back up north, and will certainly be posting about it...



cranky housefrau said...

welcome home!